So it is with major WHISTLEBLOWERS, we're noticing.    

As our world (especially America) needs to hear the dire warnings of brave WHISTLEBLOWERS, we see them sent to jail for endangering "national security."  Or ridiculed, vilified, and tormented.

     Except--my hero--for a day or so.  Yep.  You know who.  With enough proof in hand to implicate even the most powerfully evil agencies, bureaus, departments, and offices.  Enough to "shut them down!" Enoughto mitigate dark, covert operations like targeting innocent citizens with terror  and torture.  Enough, perhaps, to call for an investigation (A REAL ONE!) into assassination and slow kill  operations.  Enough, in other words, to stop unending atrocities.  And to bring to justice those guilty of the worst crimes against humanity since the Nazi regime.

     Those of us in the crosshairs of some of the agencies that would be "shut down" were hopeful.  Indeed, the first reports from major media seemed right "on target":  "they" were spying on us!!  Many weeks later, I recalled that my eighty year old Mom, who watched twelve hours of FOX News each day, had, many years earlier,  told me "they" were spying on us.     We waited for more revelations from major media.  And waited.  We are still waiting.  What's going on?!     What's going on, quite possibly, is that our whistleblower gave the files away to someone who has decided to . . . uh . . . sit on them.  No copies were ever made? 

     Then, we heard something even more astounding:  files of 7,500 Targeted Individuals will not be made public because of a possible stigma.  I could address the absurdity of that statement at length, but I will only say here that the Targeted Citizens are the ones being terrorized, tortured, and mind-controlled, and that any, and all, stigma rests upon those coordinating programs of chemical/electronic mind control, torture, and assassination.

     I wonder about the "stigma" comment.    

     And, like many others, I wonder how a young high school grad could get so much security clearance, and then manage to escape to China and Russia when, as a Targeted Citizen and Educator Whistleblower, I cannot pull out of my driveway without a team of perpetrators following--no matter what hour of the day or night!  That is the discrepancy that I noticed, even though I have a lengthy list of writer/journalists more knowledgeable about covert tactics who have noticed any number of discrepancies.

    If we're a little confused, remember, that's the way "they" want us to be.

     I recall my high school history teacher proudly proclaiming that we had covert agencies creating chaos and confusion around the world.  What he was describing as "chaos and confusion" sounded more like terror and destruction to my naïve young mind.

     Much like the Basenji guard dog, a whistleblower who has the whole world as an audience, yet blows an inaudible whistle (one with lots of air) is hardly what the world needs as we hurl forever into a psychopath's dream world of mass eugenics, endless wars, torture, electronic/chemical mind control, mass incarceration, and assassination, deeds carried out  with total impunity.

     Most of my insightful points approached here are not my own revelations, but questions and observations of those news writers who routinely delve into such matters.

     As I have said above, what struck me from day one was my being trailed and tailed and totally surveilled

if I walked out of my house, much less if I drove out of my driveway!  I am a retired educator with no access to anything that might be even the least bit "sensitive."  Yet, "they" allow people with . . . ahem . . . rather strange backgrounds to walk off, then fly off, with millions of top secret documents!!??! 

     Furthermore, I don't know of one, not even one, Targeted American Citizen who would really feel any safer in--shall we say--Russia!  Or China.! Or South America!  The coverts have had many decades of practice, seemingly unlimited funding, and plenty of offices around the world, some declared, most not.

     But, then, I'm a relative babe in big dark woods on covert matters. 

Yet, I'm strongly hoping that we will see offices "shut down" and an end to targeting, torture, terror, and assassinations.  The "proof wil be in the pudding."  A barkless watch dog is one matter, but a whistleblower with a mute whistle???


Call 1-800-PerpDodge

           The TYPICAL Scenario:  You're cruising at 72 or 73 mph., when

a white sedan blows by-- almost--at 90 to 100 mph., but then, the driver decides  to pull in front of you, missing your front fender by mere inches.  No  reason.  There was nothing in front of him in the left lane.

     You're stunned and incredulous for a split second.  Then, you tell your passenger, "Get his plate number."

     She can't.  In a matter of seconds, his license number is microscopic, his speed is so great.

​     You don't hesitate.  Soon, you're unable to look at your own speedometer as you try to gain ground to get the perp's number.  (This same type of thing has happened scores of times in the past two years of heavy, largely overt targeting.)

     Suddenly, trucks are blocking both lanes, and the perp can't get by.  You can see a few of the numerals, and that the car is a Chevrolet.

     Your passenger is on the phone to 911.  (Again.  This is now normal  procedure.)  She is transferred to a highway patrol office, and the dispatcher takes the license number and white Chevy information.

     You stop at the next exit to find out where the state trooper office is.  As you pull into the gas station/jiffy store, so does a fire truck!?  This one, you believe, may really be a coincidence.  One of the guys is really nice and helpful.  The other is grinning broadly, but sort of vacantly.

     The directions are good.  You're glad you drove the few extra miles to really follow up on this hazardous death game.

     The highway patrol building is a huge older edifice, and quite a few marked cars are sitting around.  You're glad because you don't want a locked door on this matter.  Just getting the perpetrator's number was difficult enough.

     We go in the front door, and a huge foyer is empty.  The big doors leading into the inside office area are locked.  Then, we see a small button with a message saying, "Press for service."  

     We press.  And press.  And press.  Then, we talk and press.  Small slits were above the button.  We talk and press and wait--to a factor of ten or so.  Nothing.

     Wrong door?  Maybe.  We trek around the large building, to where a dozen or so non-police vehicles were parked.  We enter the back door, the door to the DMV office.  One person ahead of us  to talk to the uniformed attendant.

     We waited several minutes.  Then, it was our turn, and we explained what had happened.  The man honestly looked confused.  Finally, he said, "You have to press the intercom button around front."

     "That's what we did, sir.  Many times."

     "That's really very odd.  Wait here while I see what's wrong."

     He leaves for awhile, and the line behind us swells to 10 to 15.

     He returns, and we hope.

     "I'm sorry," he says, "but I just don't know what is going on.  The only thing I can suggest is going to the front and using the intercom."

     Thanking him, we returned to the front and repeated the pressing and talking for maybe 20 more minutes.  Still, NOTHING!!

     Finally, we gave up.  Back on the road, my passenger called the patrol office she had previously talked with.  No, they had not found any car matching the one we had reported.  And we knew they never would.

     As traffic became heavier, a small, older Honda roared by very fast.  It sounded like a motorcycle with mufflers removed.  As it got 40 to 50 feet in front of us, it slowed.  And remained just in front of us.

     I knew what I was supposed to do:  check for window signs and bumper stickers, and maybe a license plate message.  Nothing but a a plate that read RANSOM.  No meaning to me.  I drove on.

     A few days later, my laptop went crazy with security warnings telling us to call a toll free number that could help us.  The machine would not turn off.  The help message continued until the battery died!

     My computer shop said they could probably fix it--for about what the computer itself had cost new.  I went for it.  As we left the shop, the clerk remarked that he had seen several such cases.  He said it was spyware called RANSOM.

What Happens When the Middle Class

Ceases to Exist???

     As  the Middle Class buffers are exterminated, the multi trillionaires will become the logical, super vulnerable targets for a fascist military police state that is bloated with millions of practiced covert mercenaries and a super military elite.  The military elite will quickly see (or maybe they already have) that there is nothing between them and a frail multi-trillionaire's golden castles.

     Lately, I wonder, more and more, about odd coincidences.

     I especially wonder about "accidents."  Not just the obvious accidents like that of Michael Hastings, Princess Diana, John, Jr., Senator Edward Kennedy, and a sheer multitude of others,.  I also wonder about our own "accidents," and our close calls by demented drivers.  Accidents like a "runaway trailer" totaling my wife's new car and four new, top-of-the-line tires that all   went bad the day after they were installed--just 200 miles into her 1,200 mile trip!

     Automatically, I began wondering about Presidential candidate, Donald Trump's, emergency landing in Nashville, TN, at the beginning of February.  Engine trouble???

     The truth is that every single individual in a society that tolerates and ESPOUSES "slow kill," gang stalking, assassination programs is vulnerable.  TARGETED VICTIMS are well aware of these pervasive programs rife with unlimited funds, resources, and manpower (perps).  Indeed, numbers for "informers" (perps) are admittedly enough to populate a fair sized city.  I tend to think the real number would populate a metropolis.

Yet, all is covert, black, opaque, nontransparent by design.  

     One wonders . . . could such covert forces of evil ever get to a real billionaire or even a multi-millionaire? 

     There was a time when I thought, "they" could never touch me.  I also believed noted writers could not be touched!  Never a princess or senator.  And certainly not a "President."  Even though I do have an undergraduate minor in history,  I recall nothing at all about who the ultimate winners might be in a fascist police state.

     Most people acknowledge that the ULTRA super elites will continue their domination of all.  I would predict that they could continue dominating, but only for a very short while.

Notice how quickly the huge MIDDLE CLASS has vanished! 

     The disappearing Middle Class was possibly the only effective buffer for a miniscule elite--even though many of these elite feel perfectly secure with their "bought and paid for" armies. 

     I keep wondering, however, that with the Middle Class exterminated, and no buffer between the ultra elite and a huge covert mercenary military, how long will it be before these huge mercenary covert forces of evil begin noticing small, weak, fragile, arrogant men sitting in huge glass houses adorned with 18K gold.  Not long, one can surmise!  Especially when the buffers are gone. 

Unfettered war-makers and mercenaries are the least likely to miss opportunities!

     If "they" can easily and remotely torture my wife, my family, and me, the next step is easy for mercenaries in a fascist, military police state.

     Tear yourself away from bowl game, sitcom, no-true-news TV!

     Open your eyes, and you may see a bit of what many of us, targeted by our own government, have seen.  AND CONTINUE TO SEE.

Electronic Programming Elicits Damaging TI Responses

     Bulk surveillance data storage can be devastating to most every American.   A number of very brave Whistleblowers have made this clear.

     What is usually unmentioned, though, is that whatever data there is may be the work of dastardly covert operatives who use remote electronic "programming" to elicit damaging responses from a Targeted Victim.

   The Technology for such mind control has long been available, and there will never be a shortage of the corrupt and powerful who are ready to utilize such weaponry upon the innocent. 

     May we never, ever blame a Targeted Individual  for doing anything that is aberrant, unusual, or out of character.  As Delgado dramatized in a bull ring almost half a century ago, the brain can be effectively controlled electronically.

     We can hardly, intelligently, blame a bull or any Victimized Target for any action that may be perpetrated by covert "perpetrators"!

     Imagine knowing well you need a good guard dog on your rural-suburban lot, where perpetrators now abound.  Then, you see the newspaper ad:

"REAL DOBIES" with ears and tail.  Cheap and CAK registered.  Great watchers!!!

The Barkless Basenji Guard Dog

     So, you buy one--all black and tan--till the dye wears off.  Then, the dog is yellow-brown.  No problem.  You love the dog, and it should be a great guard for house and yard.  What a bargain!

     Three months later, you realize that your new baby has never barked.  Not even once!  You go to the best vet in town, who explains that your new guard dog is not a Dobie.  It's a Basenji.

     You see good and not so good here.  This baby will never bother the neighbors, but it will never warn of intruders either.  Much like having a guard rabbit.

  ​Three books on "Gang" Stalking:  A Mind                               Control Technique

Conspiring Against Conspiracy "Theory"

(The Movie)

A hard critical look at Hollywood Info and disinformation

     This writer has worked in the theater, including management

(ABC Theaters) for over a year.  He knows the elation of seeing

a film that company CEO's thought would quickly gross one

million, or ten, fifty, or one hundred million.  Conspiracy Theory

did go a little "viral," as we might say today. Viral in 1997.  Now

at its twentieth anniversary year, should we view it again?

    If it's a Hollywood production, though, isn't it filled with toxic Hollywood fluff and propaganda?  Like our other MSM media ( main stream media).

    Well, often, yes.  And on this twentieth birthday year, some time and thought went into proving that we've got fluff and propaganda, even if the film did gross box office receipts of almost $137,000,000!  Please consider these embedded themes (embedded equals what matters to the propagandist).  These themes lurk just beneath viewers' propaganda radars.

     Following are just a few of these embedded themes, in no particular order:

  • "Good government agencies" are battling the bad ones to help good, innocent citizens.
  • Above agencies have a strong interest in locating traumatized, brain manipulated, malevolently programmed victims TO HELP THEM.  And to help bring the torturers/experimenters to justice.  (No laughter, please, if you know about the "Torture Report."   


The Tricks Perps Play

     Going for a ride in your vehicle.  You feel somewhat protected.  Your car cam is recording any aggressively overt behavior by any of the highway perps that thrive on making themselves known.

     As you turn onto a seldom trafficked road, a truck approaches.  He is not only moving fast, he is well over the yellow line--on your side!  You move as far right as possible, but there is no shoulder at this particular section of the road.

     Oh, well, you think.  I've got that action for the record.

     Once home, you decide to view what the camera caught and record it.  Big surprise.  There is no SD card in the car cam.  What?  You always replace the SD card when you remove one.  Then, you remember that the camera was on the passenger side floorboard when you got in the car and that the camera was strangely twisted from its mount.  Hm-m-m-m! 

     You replaced it on the windshield wondering what would have made it fall.  Now, the answer is fairly obvious--some perp playing a childish prank gained access to your locked vehicle and in attempting to remove the SD card from the camera, dislodged the camera from the windshield.

     It's as if these guys taunt--"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!"