Global Thuggery:  Insights on Control by Terror,  Torture, Targeting American Citizens is Dr. Cherubini's latest publication.  The book contains a lengthy, well-documented section on mind control, its purposes, and the tools and techniques used to control the human mind.

Suzanne:  Targeted for Death is Corkin Cherubini's first novel.  Characters are loosely based on the experiences of Targeted Individuals he has encountered, both in the literature and in life, during the past two years.

    An additional work is Gang Stalking:  TheThreat to Humanity,  a biographical piece tracing his own discovery that he, too, is targeted.

     In both formats, the biographical as well as the fictional, Cherubini hopes to enlighten the public about a clandestine program aimed at silencing those who would challenge a power structure that is gradually usurping citizens' rights to a free and democratic society.

  ​Three books on "Gang" Stalking:  A Mind                               Control Technique


​​​Some Premises of GLOBAL THUGGERY

--That advanced forms of mind control do exist and are being used on American and world citizens.  LSD and its sister formulations were created 70 years ago as a potential mind control tool.  Imagine what labs are creating now.  Horrid experiments by MK Ultra programs discovered that electro-shock could melt down a human brain.  Fast forward 60 or so years and note that mind control is now computerized, remote, and very, very effective unless one is aware--and even then . . . .  

--That because government agencies control a lion's share of the information we need, adequate, accurate information gathering may be impossible.  We have heard plenty about how our covert branches, as well as the military, use the Top Secret stamp to withhold information when true transparency is needed.  Still, many perspicacious researchers will extrapolate with high levels of accuracy.

--That American and world citizens who have been tortured and/or murdered in the MK Ultra/COINTELPRO type "gang" stalking programs have struggled against more than just witch hunters, more than a multitude of outlaw bands, and more than mad scientists.  Victims who are still alive are struggling against a powerful demonic force--one paid for with their tax dollars.

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