​​The Cost of Whistleblowing

conspiracy . . . lock the doors!

     In 1995 and 1996, Dr. Corkin Cherubini became one of the most noted human rights/civil rights Whistleblowers 

of the latter Twentieth Century.

     He and his family have, for 20 years, paid an exorbitant price

for his whistle blowing,  whistleblowing that concerned exposing

​unfair hard racial tracking in public education.   

     Unfortunately, this account of the trials of a world noted politician and educator may never be known, even though it concerns electronic and chemical assault, attempted electronic and chemical mind control, massive governmental stalking, and much more.

     Would Dr. Cherubini Blow the Whistle again?  "Yes.  Definitely, yes!"

  ​Three books on "Gang" Stalking:  A Mind                               Control Technique

"In 1995, I was told--and I believed--it was KKK.  Not until 2013 did I realize it was thousands, even millions times WORSE than KKK."